Key feature supports planning of project phases by lean construction teams

Calgary, Alberta — Nialli Inc., a visual collaboration company, announces integrated phase pull functionality in Nialli Visual Planner that lets construction teams take milestones from their master schedule and plan project phases months in advance. This establishes the activities required to meet milestone deadlines and identifies constraints that block work from being completed on time and on budget. Nialli Visual Planner brings the analog Last Planner® System (LPS) into a digital environment that better supports team discussions to address constraints, eliminate waste and optimize the project schedule. Results from the phase pull plan created in Nialli Visual Planner are easily transitioned into the team’s digital weekly work plan, and teams have the flexibility of having any combination of colocated and remote participants during phase and weekly planning sessions.

The phase pull feature in Nialli Visual Planner helps users define the scope, sequence and duration of an upcoming project phase in a flexible workspace and then translate the activities into weekly plans, all within Nialli Visual Planner. Traditionally, phase planning is conducted using analog tools such as whiteboards, sticky notes and markers, independent from the weekly planning. Nialli Visual Planner saves time, eliminates waste and increases transparency compared to traditional paper-based processes. The phase pull planning module was developed following the same methodology as that used to develop the core of the application – in close collaboration with both end users and lean experts to understand their needs. By observing live sessions with teams using a variety of both analog and digital tools, key elements were incorporated into the phase pull module design and improved the transition into the weekly plans.

“Phase pull planning is essential in lean construction and an important factor in project success,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nialli’s CEO. “We are excited to transition this activity from its paper-based roots into a digital space that will save time and improve effectiveness for Nialli Visual Planner customers.”

Pricing and availability
The phase pull planning feature is available now to all Nialli Visual Planner customers at no additional cost.

About Nialli
Nialli Inc. is focused on enabling the digital transformation of processes used by collaborative teams. The company’s objective is to make it easy for organizations to digitally transform their collaborative processes and achieve the associated gains in productivity and performance. Nialli is driven by a design process that is grounded in deep understanding of its customers and their ways of working, with the goal of creating applications that are completely intuitive and easy to adopt. Most recently, Nialli has been conducting research with a selection of global construction companies with the aim of moving what has been a completely paper-based process into the digital realm. For more information, visit Nialli’s website.