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NextNav Partners with Critical Response Group to Strengthen Mapping for Emergency Response

NextNav Partners with Critical Response Group to Strengthen Mapping for Emergency Response

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Vertical location will enable awareness and intelligence for mapping of schools, hospitals, public buildings

MCLEAN, Va. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NextNav (Nasdaq: NN), a leader in next generation GPS, announced that it has partnered with Critical Response Group (CRG), a provider of best-in-class indoor and tactical mapping solutions for public safety to build highly accurate indoor maps with embedded vertical location data. By leveraging NextNav Pinnacle, CRG will strengthen its mapping capabilities which are relied upon by thousands of building owners and public safety agencies across the country.

CRG’s mapping data combines a gridded overlay, high resolution imagery, and floor plans together into one map to provide customers and public agencies with the situational awareness needed to improve emergency response coordination and ultimately help first responders get to people in need more quickly. The integration of the NextNav Pinnacle will strengthen existing and new building surveys with critical vertical location data, and help ensure that each building has the proper preparations and protocols in place to aid emergency response.

“Working with CRG, we’re strengthening preparedness and situational awareness at every step of the emergency response cycle,” said Dan Hight, Vice President of Business Development and Partnerships at NextNav. “This partnership continues our efforts to leverage the use of NextNav Pinnacle in 3D and indoor mapping and builds on our deep legacy in helping service the public safety community. It also continues the growing adoption of vertical location capabilities by the enterprise to support use-cases in building management, lone-worker tracking, smart building initiatives, and digital twins.”

CRG specializes in enhancing public safety planning and response through the implementation of best-in-class indoor mapping data and the integration of the data into the technical systems utilized by our nation’s first responders. CRG’s product is utilized across a variety of organizations, including enterprise businesses, hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure sites. With these solutions and services, CRG is ushering in an era of preparedness across enterprises.

“By integrating vertical location into our CRG mapping data, we’re bringing unprecedented mapping intelligence to both private and public safety organizations,” said Mike Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, at CRG. “We pride ourselves on providing solutions and services that our partners rely on in their most harrowing moments. With NextNav, we’re delivering even greater capabilities to enhance public safety outcomes for organizations of all sizes.”

NextNav Pinnacle covers over 4,400 cities and towns, as well 90% of buildings greater than three stories in the United States. Today, the vertical location network powers precise vertical location services across public safety, including delivering z-axis for E911 for a tier-one wireless carrier. The partnership builds on extensive work with other organizations across public safety, including FirstNet® Built with AT&TIntrepid Networks3AM InnovationsTRX Systems and the Arlington County Fire Department.