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Newly revised SJI Technical Digest discusses handling and erection of joist products

The third edition of Technical Digest No. 9 contains a thorough coverage of the proper handling and erection procedures to be used in the field to ensure Steel Joist Institute joist products are not damaged, that they perform as specified, and to assist in the safety of the erectors.

Handling and Erection of Steel Joists and Joist Girders, originally released in July 1987 and updated in March 2006 and 2008, also includes descriptions of the standard products: K-Series joists, LH/DLH-Series joists, joist girders, and the newest standard joist product, CJ-Series joists. It discusses how joist products are prepared, tagged, loaded, and shipped from the joist manufacturer’s plant, how they are to be unloaded and stored at the job site, and how the joist products are to be erected, including bridging and field inspection.

Other topics covered are panelized erection and common field issues. This 128-page third edition includes updated information on Bridging in Chapter 8, as well as some additional topics added to the list of Miscellaneous Topics – Common Field Issues in Chapter 9.

Technical Digest No. 9 is a part of the series of SJI publications designed to give readers information regarding application and use of steel joists and joist girders. These technical digests highlight specific areas of design and/or application for the benefit of architects, building inspectors, building officials, designers, engineers, erectors, students, and others.

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