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Newforma Project Center New Release Strengthens Security and Boosts Collaboration with the Autodesk Construction Cloud Connector

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Newforma, the leading provider of project information management (PIM) software for architects, engineers, contractors, and owners worldwide, today announced the latest release of Newforma Project Center®. This release strengthens security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) features for Newforma Info Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint Online. This release also includes a new connector for Autodesk® Construction Cloud® and enhancements for the Microsoft SharePoint Connector.

Newforma has proactively addressed cyber security concerns by adding Multi-Factor Authentication to the primary applications used for sharing project information: Project Center Info Exchange and the Microsoft SharePoint Online Connector. Users accessing SharePoint Online through Project Center for the first time will be prompted to authenticate.

MFA, also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), adds a second layer of security beyond traditional username and password access which can be easily compromised. MFA has proven to be an effective tool to prevent unauthorized access to information and to prevent data theft. Chief Marketing and Product Officer Slater Latour remarks, “The construction industry is a major target for cyber criminals mainly due to the type and amount of data that is transferred between multiple parties on a daily basis. Newforma Project Center users now have added security protection when sending or sharing sensitive project information.”

Newforma’s latest Connector for Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), enables users to access, view, and share ACC documents directly from Newforma Project Center. Users have a unified view of ACC documents alongside all other related information such as RFI’s, submittals, and action items. In addition, ACC documents are scanned, indexed, and OCR’d by Newforma’s best in class search allowing any word embedded in an ACC file to be found.

The Project Center Connector for Microsoft SharePoint Online has also been significantly enhanced. Project creation has been streamlined by linking to SharePoint Online Documents through one backend connection eliminating the need to create a separate connection for each project. The SharePoint Online Connector also includes a major new feature which allows users to open, edit, and save SharePoint documents directly from Project Center.  There is no need for a separate upload of modified documents to SharePoint.

In this new release, Newforma has also included support for Autodesk 2023 and Microsoft Windows 11. Newforma customers will also notice a change in our release numbering system. We have simplified our release naming convention by using the release year, followed by the number of the release for that year.  This new release is numbered 2022.2 since there was an earlier release of Project Center in February 2022.

Video release notes can be viewed on YouTube.

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Newforma pioneered the PIM software category in 2004 and has been dedicated to improving project delivery ever since. Our software is used by more than 1,500 architecture, engineering, and construction companies around the world, including 191 of the ENR Top 500 Design Firms. Our software and customer service are world-class, and more than 96 percent of our customers renew their annual subscription. For more information about Newforma, visit https://www.newforma.com.