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Newforma enhances user productivity with Workflow Connector for Procore

Newforma enhances user productivity with Workflow Connector for Procore

Top PIM and construction management software providers deliver time and revenue savings for construction and design teams with powerful submittal and RFIs solution 

MANCHESTER, N.H.— Newforma, the leading provider of project information management (PIM) software for architects, engineers, contractors, and owners worldwide, announces that its innovative Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore, an intuitive automated system for managing submittals and requests for information (RFIs), enhances productivity and value for construction and design teams by saving users an average of 200 hours per project.

Since its launch last year, more than 1,000 projects have been connected using the Connector. In that time, users have reported that the Connector saves them an average of 12 minutes on each submittal and RFI. In addition, the Workflow Connector for Procore reduces risk exposure by minimizing the volume of data entry and data entry-related human error.

“By combining Procore’s advanced construction management software with our innovative PIM solution, we’re empowering our users to achieve a new level of efficiency and accuracy,” said Aaron Kivett, Director of Partnerships at Newforma. “Connecting two of the industry’s most powerful solutions gives contractors and design teams an unprecedented opportunity to maximize time and value while simultaneously reducing errors and review times. By freeing up resources, they can deliver more value to their clients.”

The Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore equips teams to automatically exchange submittals and RFIs so they can:

  • Increase productivity by eliminating duplicate data entry and manual file uploads and downloads.
  • Reduce review times and human errors with automated transfers of submittals and RFIs between Procore and Newforma Project Center.
  • Allows both the construction and design teams to retain their own secure, coordinated copy of the project record without added administrative overhead.
  • Increases the amount of time project team members can spend on work that adds value to the client.

To explore the potential cost- and time-saving opportunities available with the Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore, Newforma has launched the Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore ROI Calculator.

“The amount of time spent on construction administration can be cut by as much as 20% with the Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore,” Kivett said. “The current workflow might begin with an email that requires the design team to toggle back and forth between Procore and the Newforma Project Center to download, log, review and then log back into Procore and enter the response. With the Workflow Connector for Procore, the information automatically populates both platforms, so both construction and design teams have more time to spend on the work that really matters. The Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore ROI Calculator offers an interactive, real-time tool to estimate the value of this integration.”

More information about Newforma Workflow Connector for Procore is available at https://www.newforma.com/our-solutions/connectors/newforma-workflow-connector-for-procore/.

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