Manchester, N.H. — Newforma, a leader in Project Information Management (PIM) software for architects, engineers, contractors and owners (AECO) worldwide, announced new enhancements to its service Trackers with Microsoft Power BI, including Project Trackers, System Health Tracker and Action, RFI and Submittal Trackers.

Newforma’s new project analytics platform connects multiple data sources and delivers live dashboards and reports using Newforma Trackers and Microsoft Power BI.  Power BI integrates with Newforma Trackers resulting in project managers getting up to speed quickly and working seamlessly with their existing solutions. These analytics help ensure operations are streamlined and projects stay on schedule which can translate into increased profitability and a greater likelihood of winning repeat and new business.

“We are very pleased to respond to our customer base and deliver this analytics platform,” said Ray DeZenzo, Chief Operating Officer, Newforma. “Newforma Project Trackers are delivered by a dedicated team of experienced professional service consultants and an engagement manager who functions as a single point of contact throughout the implementation process ensuring the highest level of customer care”.

Newforma’s Project Trackers, accessible via the Power BI portal or embedded into a locally accessible website, present cross-project reporting of key project information in a single view (e.g. RFIs, submittals, Action Items, file transfers, record documents, etc.). Administrators gain real-time visibility into potential issues arising from the performance and maintenance of a project.

Newforma System Health Tracker, fed data by a custom Health Tracker Service, reports on information and issues such as indexing, project email, broken links and project email addressing for IT managers and administrators.

Project Managers use Action, RFI and Submittal trackers to stay on top of projects. Status can be tracked and filtered for items across multiple projects.