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Newforma adds Workflow Connector for its ConstructEx software

Newforma adds Workflow Connector for its ConstructEx software

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New Connector enhances Project Center platform, bolsters productivity for design teams and contractors

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Newforma, the leading provider of project information management (PIM) software for architects, engineers, contractors, and owners worldwide, introduces Workflow Connector for ConstructEx, that connects Newforma’s ConstructEx and Project Center solutions to improve productivity and value for contractors and design teams.

“Our software already provides exceptional project information management capabilities, and now the ConstructEx Connector takes our systems to the next level,” said Slater Latour, chief marketing and product officer at Newforma. “This integration empowers our users to reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness in an industry where time is a commodity.”

Newforma’s Workflow Connector for ConstructEx unifies users’ existing applications and data, enabling a contractor and design team to automatically exchange submittals and requests for information (RFIs) between ConstructEx and Project Center. As a result, design team members can immediately access submittals and RFIs sent from contractors and subcontractors without having to download files and manually enter the information into their own system.

Contractors benefit from the centralized ConstructEx database which provides a structured method to store, organize and track submittal and RFI information., Contractors maintain control over their project information while keeping project data in sync with the design team. The new Workflow Connector for ConstructEx significantly reduced manual administration steps, which helps design teams improve productivity and reduce errors.

Key benefits of the integrated system include:

  • Increased productivity by streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Reduced review time responses with automated workflows.
  • Fewer human errors associated with duplicate data entry, missed emails and file upload/download issues.
  • Maintained access to synchronized submittal and RFI data throughout a project.

In addition, current ConstructEx and Project Center users will not have to learn a new administration system, reducing onboarding time and improving the integration experience.

Newforma ConstructEx is a cloud-based document management tool with more than 40,000 active users worldwide. Project Center allows team members to transfer, store and share files as they are updated throughout every stage of the design and build process, without the traditional limitations of email, FTP sites, or other file-sharing systems.

More information about Workflow Connector for ConstructEx is available at https://www.newforma.com/our-solutions/connectors/newforma-workflow-connector-for-constructex/.