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New website for watershed protection

The Center for Watershed Protection launched a new website with a new look, a new structure, and new resources. The Center said it created a more resource-rich site to serve two equal purposes: provide a solid understanding of what the Center does and what it’s about, and to provide guidance and research resources from the Center and other organizations to watershed professionals.

"The Center works with diverse groups and individuals, and we wanted a website that reflects that," explained Executive Director Hye Yeong Kwon, "We realize there are homeowners visiting the site to learn more about a rain garden, there are watershed professionals who need some research on best practices, and there are state governments that want to hire the Center to update its stormwater manual. We hope that this site meets all of these needs and more."

Some highlights of the new website include the following:

  • access to collaborative projects, such as watershed plans and stormwater manuals;
  • free file downloads, including all 150 short research articles that make up the 800-page book, The Practice of Watershed Protection; and
  • resources from other organizations accessed by topic in the Resource Library.

The Center’s two websites—www.cwp.org and www.stormwatercenter.net—provide ways to use Center stream assessment methods, watershed plan budgeting, development code review, and other practical ways to protect watersheds.