ELKADER, IOWA — SENSR will debut two new technologies at the Structures Congress/North American Steel Construction Conference (NASCC). CX1 — a portable inspection and monitoring solution and SENSRnet — a new remote monitoring system, will be launched at the show May 12-15 in Orlando, Fla.

The CX1 is capable of being installed on a variety of structures for both indoor and outdoor environments, and can measure the sway of a high-rise building, the vibration caused by construction or the angle of a bridge pier during a flood. This versatile, all-in-one sensor for monitoring many conditions, uses industrial-rated components and can operate over extended temperature ranges with high reliability.

“Combining three technology platforms into one solution ensures that collecting and analyzing dynamic information is easy using the CX1,” said Chris Kavars, president of SENSR. “The CX1’s unique combination of technologies uses fewer components, less wiring and can measure more dynamic conditions than any other system available.”

Designed with engineers in mind, SENSRnet continuously watches a structure, looking for early warning signs of a hazard, the company said. SENSRnet combines three critical elements for managing a remote structure: inspection and maintenance, real-time management and early detection.

The system’s precision sensors provide continuous trend data and critical measurements that are not discernible by periodic visual inspections. Unique sensors can detect more than 16 different hazardous states and conditions, which provides advanced detection capabilities aiding in avoiding disasters and triggers the early responses that can minimize property and casualty losses.

“This simple and cost-effective monitoring solution provides an answer to the needs of today’s engineers, owners and inspectors,” said Kavars.

For more information about SENSR or CX1 and how to order, please visit www.sensr.com.