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New Surveying Field App Makes Staking Workflows Quick and Easy

New Surveying Field App Makes Staking Workflows Quick and Easy

An app that app does all the work while you maintain all the control? That’s what you’ll find in the new Captivate Quick Stake app.

Working with staked points, lines and arcs should be the easiest part of your field work. A new app makes these tasks as simple as a tap. Called Quick Stake, the app uses predefined checkboxes, simple commands, and smart input fields to accelerate staking workflows and minimize the risk of errors.

Automation Accelerates Staking Tasks

Using Quick Stake, you can quickly and easily stake single points (using point ID or direction), point ranges, lines and arcs by selecting from a drop-down menu and entering basic parameters.

To simplify workflows, settings can be configured before crews head to the field. Built-in review and reporting functions give field crews and project managers more insight on the data collection as it happens.

“Automation is key,” says Ted Miller, software development center manager for Leica Geosystems in the U.S. and Canada. “By automating commonly performed staking tasks and routines, Quick Stake accelerates staking time by 50% or more while reducing the risk of errors. It’s a simple app with a lot of power built in.”

The app can be used on any controller or total station running Leica Captivate v6.0 or higher field software. A free, fully functional demo lets you explore the new capabilities and experience the time savings. Download the demo here >

The Quick Stake app makes staking lines and calculating arcs fast and easy through intuitive menus and smart input fields. Watch the videos here >

Field Software Delivers Notable Productivity Gains

As surveying technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, hardware often receives more attention than software. But field software can deliver notable productivity gains.

For example, a simple and enjoyable user interface, the integration of 3D models and point clouds, and the automation of basic tasks are just some of the advantages professionals experience with the latest Captivate field software. Enhanced linework capabilities and streamlined job transfers make projects easier to complete. An increasing array of apps provide seamless workflows and improved data management. All these benefits combine to save valuable time in the field while minimizing the risk of errors.

Pairing high-performance field software with highly automated, next-generation surveying technology is a proven strategy for maximizing efficiency and delivering value. Fast and accurate total stations that integrate laser scanning and measure their own height with a button press, along with GNSS antennas that incorporate tilt capabilities and visual positioning provide significant time savings in data collection. Apps such as Quick Stake extend these advantages by providing even more speed, agility and quality assurance.

As surveying and engineering firms struggle to find and retain the talent needed to grow their businesses, technology plays a key role.

“These technology advances make it possible for small and midsize firms to accomplish the work of a much larger operation, and for large firms to deliver even greater value,” says Miller. “Software is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Leica Geosystems is committed to delivering innovations that empower professionals to maximize their potential.”

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