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New survey finds electric power companies foresee need for more cybersecurity protection of their OT networks

New survey finds electric power companies foresee need for more cybersecurity protection of their OT networks


San Antonio, TX– A need for more protection of critical infrastructure networks and a measurable increase in targeted cyber threats were two key findings in a recent survey on critical infrastructure and cybersecurity conducted by Newsweek Magazine. Full survey report will be released by Newsweek on 25.2.20 and will be available to download at www.newsweek.com/vantage

Addressing the needs of electric power industry when it comes to more reliable and easier to implement security solutions, Siemens will present its extensive cybersecurity portfolio at the DistribuTECH International conference and exhibition opening in San Antonio, TX on January 28, 2020. Siemens comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for industrial networks on the Ruggedcom hardware platform can detect and prevent potential attacks, at a lower cost over the long term, while ensuring compliance with a growing number of regulations.

As the world enters the new decade and digitalization is becoming a reality, electric power industry executives included in Newsweek survey feel underprepared when it comes to cybersecurity. Seventy C-level electric power industry executives from ten countries have been asked which cybersecurity challenges will be most critical to their industry over the next two years. From concern over phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, early attack detection, data encryption and recovery, to the potential for secure cloud-based solutions and artificial intelligence to help solve cybersecurity challenges, survey respondents are aware of the fact that more needs to be done to safeguard their industrial networks, particularly the transmission and distribution networks, where a security event can potentially have serious implications such as widespread power outages.

Surveyed executives talked about the convergence of IT and OT and stressed the need for cross-functional teams and strong partnerships with vendors when it comes to developing cybersecurity solutions. Many respondents mentioned their need to have more visibility into their networks, network vulnerability assessment and design.

Recognizing these growing challenges within the electric power industry, Siemens put in place wide-ranging network assessment, design and deployment solutions, combined with extensive training of customer staff and network management. Siemens has also recently announced partnerships with leading cybersecurity companies to provide access to advanced third-party applications available on the Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform line of rugged-rated industrial network switches and routers for harsh environments.

The ability of the Ruggedcom APE1808 application processing engine to host any application separating the cybersecurity solution from the hardware, provides the flexibility to select best-in-class applications as the cybersecurity market develops.

More information: www.siemens.com/ruggedcom/cybersecurity

Hannes Barth, General Manager Siemens Ruggedcom, is available for interviews and can be reached at barth.hannes@siemens.com

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