Norridgewock, Maine—Pamela Hetherly, manager of the Augusta, Maine, office of S E A Consultants, unveiled renderings of the new Norridgewock Bridge at a ceremony commemorating the long service of the historic Norridgewock Bridge. The original bridge, which was built in 1928, was named one of Maine’s most significant 20th Century bridges by the Maine Historic Society. The new bridge, which will replace the historic structure, is scheduled to be completed in 2011.

"The new Norridgewock Bridge is a modern structure that incorporates many historic features of the current bridge. It beautifully complements the classic design of the original structure," said Hetherly. "We hope to see it become a new landmark in the town of Norridgewock."

S E A Consultants worked closely with Maine transportation officials, historic preservationists, and the community to design a structure that replicates the sophistication and beauty of the original bridge. The design process was unique in that local residents were invited to submit their suggestions for the bridge, and the final design strongly reflects the community’s input. The new bridge will feature a groundbreaking design with a single concrete arch span stretching across the Kennebec River.