Even the most robust drilling rig cannot do without maintenance and repairs. In the worst case, a missing spare part, no matter how small, can lead to a complete standstill of the drilling rig, or even the complete construction site. That’s where the new KLEMM Service-Cases come in.

KLEMM Bohrtechnik offers seven different Service-Cases for the fast repair of KLEMM Drilling Rigs both on the construction site and in the workshop.

• Service-Case “Electric I”
• Service-Case “Electric II”
• Service-Case “Assortment of Connectors”
• Service-Case “Central Lubrication”
• Service-Case “Hydraulic Testing Kit Analog”
• Service-Case “Hydraulic Testing Kit Digital”
• Service-Case “Filling and Testing Kit for Pressure Accumulators”

These Service-Cases contain the most needed genuine spare parts, high-quality measuring instruments, tools, and accessories. This enables rapid troubleshooting and elimination of malfunction in case of a breakdown. Service-Cases can be adapted to suit individual
requirements. A wider range of Service-Cases will be available in the future.

As each spare part, or tool has its own designated place, the Service-Cases help create an organized system not only in the workshop but also on the road. The Cases also offer price savings compared to the purchase of individual parts.

Additionally KLEMM offers two different Case-Rack systems to enable the Service-Cases to be stored and transported in a professional and safe way.

  1. Basic version with fixed shelves
    3-fold version for a maximum of 3 cases
    5-fold version for a maximum of 5 cases
  2. Comfort version with pull-out shelves
    3-fold version for a maximum of 3 cases
    5-fold version for a maximum of 5 cases

The Case-Racks are ideal for any workshop and can easily be installed in service cars or site vehicles. The usage is versatile. The top of the robust metal racks is made from a 25mm thick multiplex board, which is perfectly suitable as a place for storing a case, or to be used as a small workbench. A set of mounting brackets to ensure a fixed and safe installation in a workshop, vehicle or construction site container is also included in the delivery.

All Case-Racks are delivered fully assembled and need only be equipped with the Service-Cases of choice to meet individual requirements. A further advantage is, that the KLEMM Service-Case System is compatible with that of BAUER Maschinen GmbH, meaning the racks can be equipped with a mixture of Service-Cases for both KLEMM and BAUER machines as required.

The new Service-Case and Service-Rack Sets are available from Autumn 2021. Pre-orders are possible with immediate effect.