Kansas City, Mo. — A new white paper from HNTB Corporation addresses crucial questions about the future of rapidly changing toll technology. Now available on the firm's website, the paper provides insights to help transportation agencies and toll authorities address the difficulty of determining the return on investment for those considering large-scale technological restructuring.

Written by Kevin Hoeflich, P.E., toll market practice leader; Walter Fagerlund, P.E., director, national toll technology consulting practice; and Susan Carlson, principal planner, national toll technology consulting practice, HNTB recommends agencies first understand the importance of risk-mitigation planning, which often is more extensive than actual technology implementation. With the reality that even today’s most advanced technologies could be obsolete within the next decade, the writers also stress the value of:

  • Defining what long-term success for the agency and its stakeholders look like while understanding how the “smartphone generation” of customers will differ from the “interstate generation;”
  • Determining the remaining life of existing equipment and strategically plan when and how to gradually incorporate new technologies; and
  • Ongoing outreach with customers, industry associations and partners, vendors and other agencies.

Read the complete white paper at http://news.hntb.com/white-papers/keeping-toll-agencies-ahead-of-the-curve.htm.