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New GO HOTEL in Copenhagen Built in Just 7 Days

New GO HOTEL in Copenhagen Built in Just 7 Days

Advanced Offsite Modular Construction Speeds Up Delivery and Ensures Quality Rooms

Riga, Latvia and Copenhagen, Denmark  – Forta PRO, a Latvian based modular construction company has recently completed the production and delivery of a new modular hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. The new six story building embodies a perfect mix of modern and rustic styles. Cosy, elegant, and sleek guestrooms are complemented by a classic brick wall exterior, perfectly matching the neighboring buildings. Forta PRO was heavily involved in the construction process providing design, production, shipment, and positioning of the modules for the building.

Located just minutes from Copenhagen Airport, GO HOTEL has 88 new cosy and light guestrooms, ranging from single and double to bunk bed dormitories. 8 rooms are specifically designed for a more accessible and comfortable usage.  The whole infrastructure and interior furnishing of the rooms down to bathroom appliances were manufactured, completed, and installed as modules at the Forta PRO factory in Ventspils, Latvia.  Shipping almost a ready-made project to Denmark left minimal works for the onsite construction crew.

The use of prefabricated modular technology offers plenty of advantages, including complete realization of multi-story hotels under incredibly short deadlines, saving time and money for hotel owners, in comparison to conventional construction projects.  Modular construction helps significantly to reduce accumulated waste, making Forta PRO modular solutions a more sustainable, clean, and environmentally-friendly choice.

“As global tourism grows, the hotel construction industry has been booming like never before”, Martins Motivāns, CEO, Forta PRO.  “Forta PRO owns and operates two large and modern modular production factories in Latvia that enables developers to accomplish delivery of new hotels with the current market demand, ensuring high-quality, speed and efficiently.”

Video showing the construction phases of the hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Q0ePpm6Dg

For further information, please visit: www.fortapro.com

About Forta PRO:

Forta PRO uses a modular construction technique that allows us to build ecologically clean and sustainable buildings while saving energy and time. Forta PRO manufactures high standard modular units suitable for the construction of multiple story facilities.

Forta PRO features advanced off-site building methods offering to clients a fast-track modular and construction solutions with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities operation.