AURORA, COLO. — Building a successful career in geographic information systems (GIS) is not achieved overnight and requires time, preparation, and a systematic approach to developing professional credentials and experience. American Sentinel University’s new e-book, “Five Steps to Build Your GIS Career,” offers insight about why it’s so important for GIS students to develop their professional credentials through five key steps to ensure their success in this field.

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“The field of GIS offers extensive career opportunities, but there is a difference between filling a market need and building an actual career in GIS,” says Stephen McElroy, Ph.D., GIS program chair at American Sentinel University. Dr. McElroy says entering in a rapidly growing industry can be a great help, but doesn’t replace the work of developing the ability to profit from opportunities that professionals can create for themselves. He notes that taking a systematic approach to developing professional credentials is key.

“Five Steps to Build Your GIS Career,” is a must read for GIS students and professionals looking for a career change who want to be prepared to take advantage of the extensive career opportunities available for individuals who possess the technical and analytical skills to use location as a way to bring together vast amounts of data and then to find insights.

“The five steps profiled in our e-book provide a schematic framework that can be used to guide the professional development activities of students and career changers,” says Dr. McElroy. “Since there is no recipe for success, the typical journey involves reordering or skipping steps and mixing and matching professional development experiences. Success can be measured in many ways, so feel free to craft a unique GIS career plan that fits your specific goals and aspirations.”