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New COVID-19-Inspired Product Launched in April, Big Payoff

New COVID-19-Inspired Product Launched in April, Big Payoff

SANFORD, Fla. – McCarthy Fabrication LLC, a Florida-based company, remained in business despite the economic slowdown because it began selling a new product designed to help businesses during the pandemic.

The company normally manufactures custom metal objects for construction projects, but when the coronvirus disease hit, the recession started to impact the company’s workload, said Charles McCarthy, president of McCarthy Fabrication. Usually, the work is scheduled six to eight weeks in advance because of the amount of work the plant has to create, but when the pandemic struck, the work slowly decreased. McCarthy almost had to lay off employees. Rather than accept defeat, McCarthy gathered his team and brainstorm products that could be sold using materials they had in the plant. McCarthy tried several ideas that didn’t work until he landed on a hand sanitizer stand. Since the product launched, a few weeks ago, it has sold 200 to 700 pieces a day. Therefore, McCarthy Fabrication avoided the layoffs and is now doing well.

“I am happy that I didn’t have to lay off employees because of this product,” he said. “I have been able to stay in business and give bonuses to my people. And, now my regular work is starting to come back too.”

Companies can place the stand at their front doors, which protects employees and customers. Businesses can get more information about the stand here https://handsanitationstation.com/. It retails for $150. The company is offering free shipping in the continental United States.