DAYTON, OHIO — The Water Innovations Alliance, an industry association promoting accelerated development and adoption of water technologies and methodologies, announced conference program details for its 1st Annual Dayton Water Conference, being held at the University of Dayton, May 10-12, 2010.

The event has been designed to improve awareness and collaboration between large companies, engineering firms, universities, utilities, start-ups, NGOs, and governments by educating attendees on new water technologies, innovations, and prospects. To accomplish this goal, the Dayton Water Conference will feature two full days of panels, presentations, and keynote addressees, including the following:
•Panel Discussion: Carbon Water Footprint — James Marten, vice president, Crown Solutions; George Abrahim, vice president, Strategic Initiatives, Veolia Water; James McDonald; and John Ewing
•Panel Discussion by The City of Dayton, moderated by Donna Winchester, environmental steward, City of Dayton
•Panel Discussion: Developments in Water Technology
•The Future of Water Desalination
•Water Investments — What are the Experts Saying?
•Our Greatest Crisis: Population Growth, Misuse, and a Crumbling Infrastructure are making for a World Without Water

“Although innovation in water technology is taking place on a global level, there is a significant concentration of activity and thought leadership located right in the city of Dayton,” said Vincent Caprio, co-founder and chief operating officer, Water Innovations Alliance. “We’re proud that the conference program at our 1st annual Dayton Water Conference will bring these global leaders to the table with those driving development on a local level.”

Complete event details can be reviewed online at

The Water Innovations Alliance is an industry association focused on developing new funding, reducing regulatory barriers, increasing collaboration, and raising awareness for cutting-edge water technologies and the problems they solve. Its membership includes Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, economic development organizations, universities, NGOs, and investment firms. The Alliance serves the entire spectrum of the water sector: corporations, investors, engineering firms, start-ups, NGOs, research centers, municipalities, and others in the field. More information is available at