FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. — In the near future, women are projected to account for 51 percent of total labor force growth, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau; yet women make up less than one-quarter of the architecture work force, 9.7 percent of the civil engineering profession, and roughly 13 percent of other engineering professions. ZweigWhite will present a conference May 1-3, 2013 in Boston, focusing on issues that relate to women in the male-dominated design and environmental professions.

The program is now being organized by Claire Keerl, principal and director of corporate marketing, and Christine Brack, principal and director of consulting, both with ZweigWhite. The multi-day event will include roundtable discussions, focus groups, networking sessions, as well as keynote presentations by industry leaders.

Issues that will be covered include:
• Work/Life Balance
• Women as Bosses
• Mentoring Women in Design, Engineering, and Environmental Consulting
• Encouraging Women to Enter the Profession
• Physical Presence (how this impacts co-workers and clients)
• Career Paths for Women
• Women and the Path to Principal
• The Age Factor
• Alternative Careers for Women in Design and Environmental Professions
• WBE Status

More information about this upcoming conference is available at http://zweiggroup.com/events-directory/.