RESTON, Va.— The recently established Building Security Council (BSC), formed to fill the gap in security planning of non-federal buildings against the effects of terrorism, has completed its first voluntary rating system. The BSC, led by the American Society of Civil Engineers Architectural Engineering Institute, and supported by numerous building, design, management, and ownership organizations, completed The BSC Building Security Rating System – Version 1.0, last spring. The BSC Rating System Development Committee—the lead entity directing the effort—is reviewing and amending Version 1.0 to produce Version 1.1 late this summer.

The BSC Building Evaluation Committee will use Version 1.1 to conduct a pilot program this fall. By rating several buildings, it is intended to ensure that the methodology used in the rating system produces valid results and is user-friendly for both building owners and assessors.

The BSC building security professional certification is scheduled for debut in January 2007. The certification will recognize licensed design professionals, Physical Security Professionals (PSP), and Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) who have demonstrated—by means of a detailed application and written examination—knowledge and understanding of the multidisciplinary security considerations that are relevant to the integrated planning, design, construction, operation, and evaluation of buildings, as identified by the BSC Building Security Rating System.