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New ‘Big-Bay-2’ workshop opening

New ‘Big-Bay-2’ workshop opening

Sulzer to host inaugural virtual ceremony for expanded Indonesian service center

Sulzer has announced the completion of a major workshop expansion at its Purwakarta Service Center. Offering enhanced capabilities for the overhaul of large rotating equipment, customers are invited to join the virtual inauguration of ‘Big-Bay-2’ on September 14, 2021. The online event, accessible here, will provide a unique insight into the advanced repair and maintenance services offered by the Purwakarta Service Center as well as the benefits for local and international customers.

Sulzer’s customers can now take advantage of four dedicated repair workshops at the Purwakarta Service Center. The latest addition, known as ‘Big-Bay-2’, is fitted with high-capacity equipment to manufacture and repair large components from rotating machinery. These include diaphragms, turbines, their rotors and casings, as well as stationary blade holders, compressors, impellers, pump cases and canisters.

In addition to supporting large pieces of equipment, the service center has also enhanced its capabilities in the repair and servicing of aero derivatives and light industrial turbines (LIT) as well as hot gas path components. As a result, Sulzer can offer an even faster and more comprehensive localized service while contributing to the industrial and economic development of the region.

The virtual inauguration ceremony will provide a unique insight into the full capabilities of the Purwakarta Service Center as well as the opportunity to interact with Sulzer’s experts. Attendees will also be able to learn how rotating equipment performance and service life can be improved using cutting-edge technologies.

Agus, Susena, Head of Sulzer RES South East Asia, comments: “We are thrilled to share the latest addition to our Purwakarta Service Center and highlight how this will benefit our customers. Sulzer is dedicated to providing fast, responsive and high-quality services. To showcase how we deliver on this commitment, we invite owners and operators of large rotating equipment to join our virtual celebrations and learn more about how Sulzer can support them.”

Join the virtual opening ceremony of Sulzer’s new ‘Big-Bay-2’ workshop at Purwakarta Service Center on September 14, 2021, from 8:30 a.m. (GMT+7): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87186349593?pwd=dkdpeW1ueHFQNnZWQ3U2YXk1R1pzdz09