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New ASCE Standard 74 Provides Structural Design Guidance for Using Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

Reston, Va. –  ASCE’s newest standard, Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Structures, ASCE/SEI 74-23, is intended for use in the design of new buildings and other structures constructed of pultruded fiber–reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structural shapes, connections, and prefabricated building products. It addresses pultruded FRP structural shapes that have symmetric and balanced glass reinforcement and fiber architecture combined with a polymeric matrix.   

This standard is limited in its applicability to pultruded FRP composite shapes that utilize glass fiber reinforcement. The provisions were developed to apply to buildings and other structures; thus, the scope of the provisions resembles the scope of ASCE 7, Minimum Design Loads and Associated Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures. FRP structural systems, members, and components are corrosion resistant but may be sensitive to certain service environments. The registered design professional is advised to ascertain that the provisions and material constants herein apply to the structural component or system under consideration.  

The design strength and stiffness values provided in this standard apply to new structural products that are being placed into service for the first time. The standard provisions may not apply to structural products that have been put into service prior to approval of the standard by ASCE.  

This standard is intended for use by licensed engineers, structural engineers, architects, other professionals licensed in design of particular structures, and design professionals.