Reston, Va. – ASCE’s newest standard, Identifying, Quantifying, and Proving Loss of Productivity, ANSI/ASCE/CI 71-21, provides guidance on tracking and measuring labor productivity to help prevent, mitigate, and recover cost overruns and loss of productivity disputes and claims. Because labor is such a significant portion of overall project costs, a loss of productivity will usually result in a significant amount of increased costs and reduced contractor profit and is often only discovered at the end of the project. This standard identifies processes and metrics to accurately measure productivity and compare it to expectations.

Key topics in this standard include defining productivity and related terms; preparing, collecting, validating, and analyzing productivity data; detecting the presence and extent of disruptive events; preferred methodologies for quantifying productivity loss; and avoiding conditions that create productivity loss.

This standard will be helpful for owners, designers, contractors, attorneys, mediators, triers-of-fact, educators, and researchers; construction-only, design-only, and design-construct projects; small and large projects; public and private work; and international and domestic contexts.

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