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New ASCE Publication Focuses on the Different Aspects of Resilient and Sustainable Buildings

Reston, Va. –  The latest publication from American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Resilient and Sustainable Buildings, Infrastructure Resilience Publication (IRP) 7, provides a high-level overview of the methods and outcomes of four major projects funded by the National Science Foundation that focus on different aspects of resilient and sustainable buildings (RSB), ranging from a single building to a full community. The format is four chapters, with the first chapter providing the motivation and a short summary of each project chapter.

Topics addressed include a comprehensive overview of the four multi-year research efforts, commonalities between the projects, differences between the projects in methods as a function of scale and hazard, multiresilient and sustainable soil foundation structural envelope (SFSE) building systems, and decision frameworks for selecting among alternative building system designs.  This title will appeal to a wide range of civil engineering readers including graduate students, urban planners, engineers and social science practitioners interested in learning about the direction of RSB research.

To purchase online, visit the ASCE Library.

Limited review copies are available for book reviews. Please contact Leslie Connelly at lconnelly@asce.org.