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New ASCE Manual of Practice 156 Provides an Overview of  Navigation Channel Sedimentation Issues

Reston, Va. –  ASCE’s newest Manual of Practice, Navigation Channel Sedimentation Solutions, MOP 156, addresses channel sedimentation problems. The book describes navigation channel sedimentation, lists the associated problems, and recommends practices for predicting navigation channel sedimentation responses resulting from those solutions. Inland, estuarine, and coastal navigation channel sedimentation problems can be solved from among seven strategies, including many sustainable solutions. Best practices for field, desktop, and model predictions include structured problem definition, tool selection, tiered tools application, expert interpretation, reporting of results with uncertainty bounds, and informed management.  

Topics include: 

  • Channel sedimentation processes,  
  • Navigation channel classifications and sedimentation issues,  
  • Solutions to sedimentation problems,  
  • Channel sedimentation prediction methods,  
  • Recommendations for best practices in using prediction methods, and  
  • Case histories illustrating typical navigation sedimentation problems and their solutions.  

This MOP fills a research gap in navigational channel sedimentation solutions and will be an excellent resource for inland and coastal navigation practitioners, inland and coastal sedimentation engineers.