FREMONT, CALIF. — Fremont city council members and local media explored three keystone projects under construction that exemplify the greater regional water and transit infrastructure programs totaling nearly $8 billion. The three multi-million dollar construction projects in Fremont are located within a 1-mile radius of the I-680 and I-880 at Mission Blvd (CA-262) and will support the rapidly growing Warm Springs business district and will contribute to the economic vitality of the greater Bay Area.

“City of Fremont, together with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), are actively developing projects that will enable the greater Fremont area to harness the energy and growth of Silicon Valley. We’re making it more convenient to work and live in Fremont,” said Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison. “These critical developments will ensure that our Warm Springs District continues to be a thriving innovation hub.”

A quick overview of the projects under construction in Warm Springs:
1) SFPUC Seismic Upgrade of Bay Division Pipeline Nos. 3&4 at Hayward Fault — The project’s unique engineering will help ensure reliable delivery of high-quality water to Hetch Hetchy customers including Fremont residents and businesses following an earthquake. This $78 million project is part of the $4.6 billion Water System Improvement Program.

2) VTA Mission/Warren Area Improvements Project — Building new bridges for BART and Union Pacific Railroad to span over a widened Mission Boulevard and trenched Warren Avenue. The project separates the future BART system from roadways, enhancing safety and reducing congestion. This $150 million project is part of the $2.3 billion BART Silicon Valley Program.

3) BART Warm Springs/South Fremont Station — Work is in progress to construct the Warm Springs/South Fremont BART station, a cornerstone of local economic development. This $90 million project is part of the $890 million Warm Springs Extension Program.

“These exciting infrastructure investments in this area will benefit the public health and the regional economy,” said Julie Labonte SFPUC Water System Improvement Program Director. “The BDPL3&4 Seismic Upgrade project is perhaps one of the most complex water pipeline projects in the nation, as it is located along the Hayward Earthquake Fault. When completed, the new pipelines will provide a vital water lifeline to our 2.6 million customers, especially following an earthquake.”

"The BART extension will be a game changer for travel in the South Bay," adds BART Director Thomas Blalock. "BART to Warm Springs and to San Jose will provide a robust, high-capacity travel corridor that will parallel the freeway system, which is only getting more congested by the day. South Bay residents deserve a better way to get around and, thanks to this extension, they’ll have it!"

“The Mission Warren Area Improvements Project will enhance safety by separating freight train, automobile and pedestrian traffic. When completed, this critical infrastructure program will benefit the region by expanding mobility in south Alameda County, and building critical transportation infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for our regional customers,” said Santa Clara VTA Chief Program Officer Carolyn Gonot.

While regional infrastructure construction continues in Fremont, the city is busy planning for a future that creates a vibrant, sustainable and diverse multi-use community with new jobs and housing surrounding the Warm Springs BART station. The vision for this area, now referred to as the “Innovation District,” is a high-tech research and development center featuring well-known corporations and cutting-edge startups. Fremont is expected to grow significantly with a 48 percent increase in demand for jobs by 2035. Furthermore, it is uniquely positioned to accommodate job growth for the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area region, making this the ideal time to ensure the infrastructure and public transportation connections are in place to meet this regional need.