Houston — Dustin Cole, vice president of engineering/drafting and technical standards for NCI Building Systems, was recognized by the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) with the Robert Cornforth award for exceptional dedication and exemplary service to the engineering field. Cole is the sole recipient of the award in 2014, and was nominated from a field of approximately 10,000 NCSEA members. The Robert Cornforth award was established in 2001, and the honor has only been conferred nine times over the past 13 years.

Since 2000, Cole has served as executive director for the Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association (OSEA) and has also performed the duties of treasurer and secretary. Recognized for his commitment to OSEA in 2006, Cole has continued to have a significant impact on the organization and its members, including Carisa Ramming, who nominated him for the Cornforth Award.

“Dustin has and continues to do a tremendous service to the OSEA,” said Ramming. “He is well respected by co-workers and employees, and it’s evident that he has a lasting influence on people. Nominating Dustin for the Robert Cornforth award allowed me to thank him for his many contributions.” 

Cole has worked with the NCI family of companies for 26 years, where he has been instrumental in developing design best practices to provide structurally sound buildings within scheduling and budgetary constraints. Cole is noted as a practitioner, more given than most to embrace change and tap into technological advances as a means to improve productivity and quality within the metal building industry. 

NCSEA presented Cole with his award at a banquet in New Orleans, on Sept. 19. A portion of the event was devoted to publicly recognizing Cole and highlighting his story, including his leadership and accomplishments within NCSEA and OSEA.

“When I found out I had won the Robert Cornforth award, my first response was, ‘Wow!’” said Cole. “I really appreciate being recognized for my contributions to OSEA. I enjoy being the face of OSEA, and it’s an honor to receive this award.”

NCSEA was formed in 1993 to improve the standards of practice of the structural engineering profession throughout the United States. The organization also serves as a resource for those needing communication within the profession. NCSEA has approximately 10,000 members, and is comprised of 43 structural engineering associations including OSEA.

OSEA is a professional organization is dedicated to the representation and advancement of structural engineering and structural engineers in Oklahoma. Organized into two chapters, OSEA represents Eastern and Central Oklahoma. OSEA serves as an aid to structural engineers in these locations.