CHISAGO CITY, MINN. — Natural Systems Utilities, LLC (NSU; formerly EcoCheck) recently acquired the assets owned by Connexus WaterWays, a division of Connexus Energy. The transaction includes the transfer of 11 Minnesota wastewater treatment systems from Connexus to NSU. NSU is a private utility that designs, builds, owns, finances, and operates decentralized, municipal, and industrial wastewater treatment systems throughout Minnesota.

Ten of the decentralized wastewater treatment systems are located in Sherburne County and one is in Anoka County. These decentralized systems are efficient, safe, stand-alone wastewater treatment facilities that are located outside of city water and sewer systems. They are operated to safely treat wastewater close to the people they serve.

“We are excited to have the Connexus WaterWays treatment systems securely under the NSU wastewater utility umbrella,” said Ryan Brandt, president of NSU MN. “After partnering with Connexus for over nine years, it was a natural evolution for NSU to enter the private utility market as we expand our customer-focused water and wastewater operations throughout Minnesota and the Midwest.”

Brandt adds that he has wanted to enter the sustainable water utility market for several years, but did not have adequate capital until EcoCheck partnered with NSU in 2009 and became NSU MN. In addition to working in Minnesota, NSU is opening new utility markets across the United States.

NSU employs a complete lifecycle solutions approach to the design, construction, and operation of decentralized wastewater treatment systems. According to the company, the long-term operational management of NSU combined with innovative financing support enables NSU customers to sustain long-term development and growth with low risk, while maintaining environmental compliance and minimizing the cost for end users. NSU solutions can be found in municipalities, industries, residential developments, small communities, and resorts throughout Minnesota, the Midwest, and North America. Founded in 1984, NSU and its Midwest subsidiary NSU MN (formerly EcoCheck) has earned 102 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) awards and a Minnesota Environmental Initiative Award for their role in decentralized wastewater management across the state.