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National Trails Day Puts Spotlight on Landscape (LandDesign)

National Trails Day Puts Spotlight on Landscape (LandDesign)

Have you heard about National Trails Day? Coming up on June 1st, this relatively new holiday (only around since 1993) is an annual celebration promoted by the American Hiking Society celebrating both public and private trails across the country, and encouraging volunteers to get involved in cleaning up a trail or participating in a project.

For coverage inspired by this holiday, the experts at LandDesign, an award-winning global design firm offering planning, civil engineering, urban design and landscape architecture solutions, are excellent sources who can provide input on how communities and people benefit from recreational trails and how they create value for places.

Recently, LandDesign was retained by the Charlotte Center City Partners in Charlotte, N.C., to develop a framework plan for the city’s four-mile Rail Trail, a vibrant public recreation amenity that winds through the heart of the city. The result will be a 3.5-mile trail that serves as a “linear commons,” where neighbors and visitors can meet and explore a dynamic and evolving platform for creativity, economy and recreation.

LandDesign is not only a booster of trails, but they also design award-winning recreational trails, greenways and parks. Trails like the Rail Trail in Charlotte produce a variety of positive effects in communities, from providing greenways that protect important habitat and promote greener transportation, to enhancing property values and promoting safe, livable communities.