HOUSTON — Troy Jamail and Matt Strickland, formerly with Parking Planners, have entered into a new venture with Haynes Whaley Associates. The new firm, HWA Parking, will provide analysis, planning, design and operational assessments for new and renovated garages and parking lots.

Under the new alliance, Haynes Whaley Associates and HWA Parking will offer their clients both structural engineering services and parking planning services under a single contract. Or, each firm will provide their respective services independently as needed by their clients.

“Despite the economy, we think now is the perfect time for this partnership with Haynes Whaley. We are giving clients a full menu of services and the flexibility to choose what is best for their project," HWA Parking co-founder Matt Strickland said. "We offer the value of a one-stop shop plus the ‘buy only what you need’ option. We know clients are more concerned about value than ever, and this partnership provides it."

HWA Parking provides services to facility owners, developers, architects, and contractors on parking facilities for corporate, retail, hospitality, academic and residential projects. Jamail and Strickland’s project experience spans the globe and includes the Baylor Clinic and Hospital in the Houston Medical Center with HOK Architects; Brackenridge Park in San Antonio with Lake|Flato Architects; and Hines’ MainPlace development in downtown Houston.

Haynes Whaley Associates president and CEO, Larry Whaley, sees the alliance with HWA Parking as a very efficient way to design superior parking facilities. “Haynes Whaley has always been proactive and creative in the design process to efficiently integrate structural systems with the function of buildings,” he said. “Our close affiliation with HWA Parking will certainly work to enhance our ability to deliver the most efficient parking facilities to our clients,” adding that he has worked with Troy and Matt for five years and is completely confident in their skills and abilities.

“Our respective areas of expertise complement each other well. And, very importantly, their ethics and business philosophy are very compatible with ours,” said Whaley. “Our common goal is to better serve our clients by combining our efforts whenever possible, or working independently when a client chooses.”

Jamail and Strickland are both active members of the International Parking Institute, National Parking Association, and Texas Parking Association.

For more information, please contact Troy Jamail in Austin at troy.jamail@hwaparking.com, or Matt Strickland in Houston at matt.strickland@hwaparking.com.