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Narragansett Water Pollution Control Association recognized for outstanding service

BOSTON — The Narragansett Water Pollution Control Association (WPCA), comprised of all of the municipal wastewater treatment facilities in Rhode Island, was recently honored with the "2010 Regional State Wastewater Association Excellence Award" by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Narragansett WPCA was highly recommended by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management for all of the members’ collaborative efforts to provide assistance to one another during the response and recovery of impacted wastewater treatment facilities during the devastating spring flood of 2010.

The EPA award program recognizes municipal personnel in the wastewater field who have provided invaluable public service operating wastewater treatment facilities throughout New England. In addition, EPA recognizes those groups and entities promoting and advocating for the municipal wastewater profession.

“The professionals managing and operating wastewater treatment plants play a crucial role in protecting public health by ensuring that our lakes and rivers are protected from unnecessary pollution,” said Curt Spalding, regional administrator for EPA’s New England Office. "I am proud to acknowledge the Narragansett WPCA for all of their outstanding member contributions during the spring flood of 2010 to help protect public health and Rhode Island’s waterways. This was a fine example of mutual aid demonstrated by the municipal wastewater professionals during trying times, along with assistance from state and federal officials.”

EPA’s New England office formally acknowledged the Narragansett WPCA’s outstanding contributions during the annual New England Water Environment Association Conference at the Boston Copley Marriott Hotel on Jan. 26. Brent Herring, president of the Narragansett WPCA, accepted the award on behalf of all of its members.

For more information, visit www.epa.gov/ne/topics/water/wwater.html and www.epa.gov/owm/mtb/intnet.htm.