GLEN ALLEN, Va. – Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has published its latest BIPV projections in a report titled, "Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Markets -2012." NanoMarkets estimates that the entire BIPV market already generates around $2.1 billion ($US) today and that this figure will grow to $7.5 billion by 2015. Much of this growth will come at the expense of conventional solar panels as the better economics and aesthetics of BIPV make their impact on end users. NanoMarkets also expects new builds to contribute 63 percent of all BIPV revenues in 2015.

This report provides highly granular eight-year forecast of the worldwide BIPV market with breakouts for PV roofing overlays, BIPV tiles and shingles, wall-attached BIPV, BIPV siding, BIPV curtain walls, BIPV/window hybrids and futuristic monolithically integrated BIPV products. The projections are presented in both value ($ millions) and volume (MW and area covered).

Additional breakouts are provided for types of building in which BIPV is installed (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), whether the BIPV installation is a retrofit or a new build, and the type of absorber material it uses. In addition, we project the nations and regions that will generate the most BIPV revenues; NanoMarkets expects Europe to be the largest market for BIPV throughout the period covered in these forecasts.

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