Broomfield, Colo. —MWH Global has partnered with CSC to provide integrated cybersecurity services to the world’s critical utility infrastructure. The partnership will work with utilities and municipalities to protect their water and wastewater collection, distribution and treatment systems, dams, ports and hydroelectric power infrastructure around the world.

This partnership leverages the MWH experience with global water utility systems and CSC’s cybersecurity intrusion detection, prevention and mitigation capabilities to help secure the world’s most critical resources. The offerings will feature highly specialized cybersecurity services that specifically support industrial and utility control systems.

“Ports, dams, canals, and water treatment and distribution systems are vital resources, and safeguarding these assets is essential to global commerce and a citizen’s very way of life,” said Phil Smith, vice president at MWH. “By forming this program with CSC, we are leveraging the best of both companies to create a unique and critical new set of 21st-century offerings that are needed by our clients around the world in order to secure their critical infrastructure.”

“In partnering with MWH, the gold standard in water and natural resources infrastructure for almost 200 years, we’re providing a customized next-generation security solution that’s delivered in a trusted, integrated and efficient manner,” said Tom Patterson, global managing partner, Consulting, CSC Global Cybersecurity. “This is a truly innovative and exciting initiative that leverages the global reach and strengths of both MWH and CSC. This partnership creates a delivery team that speaks the language of the water industry and works to truly do the right thing, the right way for our critical infrastructure.”

In recent years, cybersecurity breaches to utility infrastructure have resulted in service outages and threats to customer well-being. The White House Executive Order 13636 mandates improved cybersecurity threat detection and prevention for critical infrastructure in the U.S., pointing to threats against critical infrastructure as one of the most serious security challenges the country faces.

The MWH and CSC utility infrastructure cybersecurity services are now available in more than 70 countries, which are increasingly focused on protecting critical infrastructure with integrated technology offerings for industrial control systems (ICS), advanced threat detection, application security, cloud security, network monitoring and management, incident response and national regulatory compliance.