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Much Safer Than Muriatic Acid – Cortec® Introduces EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP!

Much Safer Than Muriatic Acid – Cortec® Introduces EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP!

condenser water pump and Air cooled water chiller

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Scale removal is an important maintenance activity on heat exchangers and other industrial water handling equipment. Over time, calcium carbonate from hard water builds up on the surfaces of pipes and heat exchangers, reducing water flow and heat-transfer efficiency. Harsh minerals and organic acids like muriatic acid are sure to solve the problem quickly but pose safety hazards due to high corrosivity. To achieve fast-acting scale removal on a safer level, Cortec® has introduced EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP, which competes with some of the safer fastest-acting products on the market.

Industrial Strength Scale Removal

EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP is a great industrial strength product to periodically clear away scale buildup on all water-contacting equipment surfaces in a variety of industrial systems:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Condensers
  • Cooling towers
  • Pipes

It also removes corrosion on multiple metal types and contains powerful corrosion inhibitors to counteract the aggressiveness of acids on metals. Immersion in the product produces the best results for most substrates and often works within five minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of scale and corrosion. Light abrasion helps speed up penetration and removal of corrosion products. Application should be followed with a neutralizing cleaner for further protection. EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP has higher potency than its main market equivalent and can be used multiple times if filtered and monitored for pH after use.

Safety Benefits

In addition to its scale removal abilities, the best thing about EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP is its relative safety compared to other commonly used scale removal chemicals. Classified as only a mild skin irritant according to the OECD Principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP is drastically safer than muriatic acid. However, it is still considerably fast-acting and highly effective. While proper precautions should be taken, including the use of PPE, EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP is a much better route to scale removal in terms of worker safety. Since EcoClean® Scale Remover HP is classified as non-corrosive to mild-steel, it is non-regulated for ground shipments per US DOT, a great advantage for those distributing the product.

Environmental and Disposal Benefits

When using any type of cleaning product or other chemical, industries need to evaluate how it will affect their waste disposal. Companies today are faced with restrictions on specific chemicals such as phosphates, which contribute to nutrient pollution and algae growth on lakes. They also are required to stay within certain limits of BOD and COD (measurements that reflect high levels of chemical or organic waste) or face extra fees or fines. EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP has a good disposal profile on both counts. In the first place, it is phosphate free. It is also considered a biodegradable industrial descaler according to product components and is a low contributor to BOD/COD in effluents.

Say Goodbye to Muriatic Acid

Scale removal is a necessary job, but it is not necessary to expose workers to muriatic acid in the process. EcoClean® Scale and Rust Remover HP is a much safer path to more efficient industrial water flow and heat transfer through effective scale removal. Contact Cortec® to get started:

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