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Morehouse Instrument Company Names Heather Sandoe as Marketing Manager

Morehouse Instrument Company Names Heather Sandoe as Marketing Manager

YORK, Pa. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Heather Sandoe has joined Morehouse Instrument Company (York, PA) as Marketing Manager. She will be responsible for planning, managing, and executing all of the company’s branding and marketing communications, as well as marketing support of its sales network. She has extensive business-to-business marketing experience, including strategic planning, digital marketing, public relations, marketing communications, messaging and positioning, technical writing, coaching, branding, and employee engagement.

“We are thrilled to add someone of Heather’s deep experience to the growing Morehouse team,” says Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse. “Our products and services, and our engineering customer base, are a good fit for her B2B and technical marketing capabilities.”

She comes to Morehouse after serving for a decade as Communications Manager for the Industrial Process business unit of ITT Inc. Among other activities, she cultivated multiple websites, launched new social media channels, and produced content for white papers, infographics, and webinars.

Morehouse Instrument Company: Since 1925, Morehouse has been committed to helping customers to lower measurement risk by lowering equipment uncertainties for force and torque.  Today, Morehouse offers a wide range of force and torque calibration products, services, and training. In 2004, the company finished construction of its new force calibration lab, which features a 120,000 LBF Morehouse Dead Weight Machine that achieves the best possible calibrations for customers and at a fraction of the cost other primary calibration labs charge. In 2010 Morehouse finished construction of its primary torque calibration lab. The torque machine built by NPL gives Morehouse the privilege of being the second most accurate laboratory in the world for torque calibrations from 1 N-m through 2000 N-m (PTB has the lowest overall uncertainty). In 2020, despite a global pandemic, Morehouse finished adding a new 30,000 lbf deadweight machine to our calibration lab.