Mechanicsburg, Pa. — Bridge design and engineering firm Modjeski and Masters announced that new spliced post-tensioned concrete U-girder standards, which it helped develop, are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). PennDOT issued strike-off letter number 483-16-04 for the new product. The new standards are immediately available for use throughout Pennsylvania by designers, contractors, and owners. Presently, they can be used for Design-Build projects, or as an Alternate Bridge Type at the discretion of the PennDOT District Executive.

Gregg Reese, PE, president of Summit Engineering Group, a Modjeski and Masters subsidiary, led the development of the standards. Reese and Summit have deployed similar design techniques with great success in Colorado, Texas, and Florida.

“We’ve developed a set of standards that can help designers, contractors, and project owners be more efficient, cost-effective, and innovative,” said Reese. “With the economies of concrete being what they are at the moment, these standards can help budget-conscious organizations do more with less. They also assist in accelerated construction, meaning less interruption to the general public. We know Pennsylvania will benefit from these new standards in the same ways we’ve seen across the country.”

The spliced post-tensioned concrete U-girder used in a continuous unit is permitted either for tangent structures or horizontally curved structures. The U-girders are to be designed/analyzed to meet AASHTO, Design Manual, Part 4 criteria, and the standards provided details, erection alternates and grouting specifications. A Load Rating Table and Rating Procedure must be incorporated on the Contract Drawings based on both the actual post-tensioned tendon configuration and an equivalent number of single-strand configuration.

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