Innovative movable bridge will be the world’s first vertical lift network tied arch structure designed for vehicular and pedestrian use.

Mechanicsburg, PA—Modjeski and Masters, a nationwide leader in the design, inspection and rehabilitation of all bridge types, including long-span and movable structures today announced that it has begun work for the final design of the vertical lift span on the I Street Bridge in Sacramento, Calif. The project, owned by the City of Sacramento, is being built upstream of the existing I Street Bridge to enhance accessibility across the Sacramento River.

Modjeski and Masters, the Engineer of Record for the project’s main span, is responsible for the structural, mechanical and electrical design of the new vertical lift bridge. The firm is working with Mark Thomas as the prime consultant and TY Lin as the architect.

Modjeski and Masters will incorporate lightweight materials into the movable span design to ensure structural durability and aesthetic appeal. The team’s work included decreasing the size of the bridge’s towers, which required significantly reducing the weight of the bridge by using an aluminum orthotropic deck. The design will also ensure the aluminum is properly insulated from the structural steel to avoid corrosion over time.

The new I Street Bridge is a vertical lift  network tied arch bridge, and will be the first of its kind in the world. It will accommodate three highway traffic lanes, bicycle lanes, sidewalks and a future streetcar. The pedestrian-friendly lift span will include walkways and benches with shade awnings.

The bridge’s operating machinery will be located within the pier. This arrangement of the machinery is not typical to vertical bridges, but is necessary here to accommodate the unique architectural features.

“The I Street Bridge is a revolutionary project and serves as an example of what’s to come in the future of movable bridges,” said Kevin Johns, Movable Bridge Business Unit Director at Modjeski and Masters. The engineering and architectural elements offer a unique, modern experience and more accessible travel for the local community.”

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