The American Institute of Steel Construction announced that public review comments are welcomed for proposed changes to the AISC Code of Standard Practice. A ballot with 12 specific modifications relative to the current (2005) edition of the Code has been sent to the AISC Committee on the Code of Standard Practice. This information is now also available for public review.

"AISC’s Code of Standard Practice represents the usual practices that have developed among those involved in the design, purchase, fabrication, and erection of structural steel,’ said Charlie Carter, AISC vice president and chief structural engineer. "It represents the existing practices considered to be the standard of custom and usage within the industry."

The basic purposes of the code include the following:

  • to define standard practices in the absence of other instructions;
  • to provide a common understanding of acceptable standards;
  • to outline the most efficient, commonly understood contract terms for the purchase of fabricated structural steel; and
  • to simplify the process of buying and selling fabricated structural steel.

Carter noted that the proposed changes are intended to further these purposes.

The public review instructions and draft document are available at The committee welcomes all comments on the proposed changes. Comments should be submitted by Oct. 6, 2008, to Janet Cummins via e-mail at or by fax at 312-896-9022.