Miyamoto’s continuing efforts to “make the world a better place” recently reached New Zealand and Thailand. Miyamoto has expanded to include these two countries, where natural-hazard disaster risk is high.

In Christchurch, which was recently devastated by earthquakes and in other New Zealand cities where seismic risk management has become critical, Miyamoto has teamed with the global engineering company Cardno. The joint venture Miyamoto + Cardno combines the earthquake engineering expertise of Miyamoto and the multidisciplinary services offered by Cardno. This team provides affordable seismic strengthening methods, works with city engineers, assists the insurance and banking industries, and works with developers to implement seismic risk reduction programs as a commercially viable business model.

In Bangkok, Miyamoto has expanded our services to manage seismic and flood risk reduction programs for both the private and public sectors in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In the last few decades, many high-rise buildings have been constructed on the soft soil of Bangkok without any seismic consideration. Evaluating and mitigating seismic risk preemptively could not only save thousands of lives, but would cost less than 1 cent per dollar of potential reconstruction costs and economic damage. In addition, global weather changes have made Thailand and specifically Bangkok flood-prone, as proved by the 2011 floods. Miyamoto will implement flood risk mitigation for Thai facilities and buildings.

Miyamoto provides high-performance engineering services where they are most needed and where they are critical for the people whom the company serves.