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Microdesk wins PANYNJ contract to expand enterprise asset management

Microdesk wins PANYNJ contract to expand enterprise asset management

New York — Microdesk was awarded a multi-year contract with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) to broaden its Application Maintenance and Support Services through an Enterprise Asset Management Program. Microdesk is a longtime partner of the PANYNJ and currently provides a range of services to support the agency’s strategic objectives in the areas of Application Development, BIM and CAD Support Services, and Enterprise Asset Management Consulting Services.

“Microdesk is excited about the opportunity to play such a critical role in the Port Authority’s effort to expand its Enterprise Asset Management Program to all its facilities throughout the New York metropolitan area,” says George Broadbent, director of asset management. “This contract provides a platform for Microdesk to demonstrate its capabilities and expertise, building upon our ongoing work of assessing and implementing systems to collect, integrate and analyze data that helps optimize the agency’s operations, and planning, and asset management.”

Under the new agreement, Microdesk will be responsible for maintaining the agency’s Maximo Platform and associated mobile applications.  In addition to the technical duties, it will provide high-level Asset Management Program guidance, recommendations, and development of policies to ensure the continuity of Enterprise Asset Management as a supportable, sustainable and efficient platform that meets the agency’s objectives. Microdesk is one of the few international consultancies with teams specializing in Maximo and System Integration.

Microdesk’s Asset Management Team members have diverse backgrounds in global consulting, government agencies and regulated industries, and advanced degrees in business administration as well as doctorates. Their range of knowledge and experience will be invaluable in delivering innovative solutions.

The contract is effective beginning on or about August 1, 2018.