Microban International is delighted to announce its attendance and participation in this year’s Foam Expo North America, taking place June 28-30. The global leader in antimicrobial treatments will have a dedicated booth on the expo floor, where it will showcase its various solutions for foam products, demonstrating how far these technologies have come since their inception, with older formulations giving way to a newer generation of more environmentally friendly additives.

Microban specializes in built-in antimicrobials and odor control solutions, with a world-class portfolio of technologies that can be effectively incorporated into a variety of foam-based materials. These solutions are already being employed by manufacturers in the healthcare, consumer, and commercial sectors to develop products with inherent protection against the growth of stain and odor-causing microbes.

Microban will also host a presentation on the first day of the event, explaining how its technologies for foam can result in cleaner and fresher conditions, focussing on automotive interiors. Unwanted bacterial and fungal growth in humid and hot environments can wreak havoc on everyday surfaces, and automobiles are no exception. 80 % of consumers express concerns about stains, persistent odors, and rapid mold growth inside of personal and public vehicles, making it essential for automotive manufacturers to consider lasting treatments that will enhance the driver and passenger experience. The presentation will be given by Microban’s Senior Product Development Engineer, Dr Mai Ha, who said: “I’m thrilled to be attending this year’s Foam Expo North America, and proud to be presenting applications of our innovative Microban antimicrobial additives in automotive interiors.”

Visitors to the show can find out more at booth 2802, or at www.microban.com.