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Microban® backs antimicrobial additives as a scientifically supported strategy for cleaner building materials

Microban® backs antimicrobial additives as a scientifically supported strategy for cleaner building materials

North Carolina, USA

Microban® International – the global leader in antimicrobial additives and odor control solutions – has released a statement discrediting unwarranted claims about the safety and efficacy of antimicrobial technologies. This statement is intended to ensure that the public, consumers, and other stakeholders are equipped to make fully informed decisions, based on scientific reasoning. Making a clear distinction between public health and non-public health claims, Microban has explained the advantages of incorporating its antimicrobial additives into building materials to protect articles from degradation by mold, mildew, and odor-causing microbes. In doing so, the company openly supports the circular economy systemic approach – a collective movement away from single-use products and towards sustainability in construction – by extending the expected lifetime of products. In addition, the company has clarified that the actions of embedded antimicrobials do not contribute to antibiotic resistance, with support from peer-reviewed literature.

Microban is a trusted name with over 35 years of scientific, marketing and regulatory knowledge, ensuring that every claim is supported by comprehensive validation testing and is in line with regulation policies from the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where appropriate. In its successful pursuit to ‘redefine clean’ for products and surfaces, Microban has supported its partners in leveraging advertising claims with the appropriate language and science-based conclusions.

Joe Lyons, President of Microban International, stated: “At Microban, we pride ourselves on always being an open, honest, and trusted leader in the sector. As demand for antimicrobial additives increases, this has never been more important. Our devoted teams are committed to informing our partners and the general public of the inherent benefits of treating products with built-in antimicrobial technology for reducing biodegradation and odor while increasing durability. With this statement, we hope to reassure consumers that our portfolio of antimicrobial technologies is backed by thorough scientific evidence and globally recognized test methods, so that they can have the correct information to make their own decisions.”

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