GP Reeves, an industrial manufacturing dispensing company, has partnered with other Michigan-based businesses to design, produce and manufacture a better hand sanitizer dispenser product line.
Michigan – Holland-based company, GP Reeves, has launched a line of hand sanitizer dispensers in collaboration with other Michigan businesses to ensure schools and businesses can reopen safely amid the pandemic. GP Reeves partnered with several local companies including, New Holland Brewing Company for bulk quantities of sanitizer as well as Cusack Manufacturing and Primera Plastics to increase production capacity. The Defense Dispense™ product line includes several models designed to improve on the design flaws of existing products in the market. As the pandemic persists, GP Reeves continues to expand the Defense Dispense™ product offerings to meet growing local and national demand. Additional solutions, launching soon, will include weather-resistant and solar-powered models.
“We are bringing a product to market which assists the country in adapting to a new normal as they return to work and school,” said Wade Halma, General Manager at GP Reeves. “We were looking for a way to help our communities while also providing a smarter product that functions on a new universal supply model. This means it will work with sanitizer purchased from anywhere, which makes it easier and less expensive to maintain.”
Defense Dispense™ systems provide the largest supply containers available to serve a large number of individuals with fewer sanitizer refills or battery changes. This, in turn, is easier to maintain and means sanitizer is more readily available. Due to increased demand, competitor products are experiencing a shortage of hand sanitizer replacement bags or cartridges for their basic wall mounted units. Businesses need a solution now; Defense Dispense™ systems meet the need in a better way.
“We have already supplied large manufacturing operations, several universities, and many other companies nationally,” said Halma. “We know the market needs. We can provide our sanitizing product systems at a lower maintenance cost than competitors and with multiple product models including custom design options to fit any application.”
GP Reeves built upon their nearly 50 years of dispensing experience to launch the new product line. Defense Dispense™ includes several systems to mount the touchless dispenser which can be powered 3 different ways: battery, wall plug-in, or a 12-volt direct wire to a vehicle or production line. Fortress is a compact stand that features a lockable enclosure with a visible sanitizer level. This stand can be customized with branding and color. Outpost is a small, tabletop model. The No Stand is a versatile model that allows the customer flexibility, including mounting on various forms of transportation. Market is an economical system with a minimalist design. The Defense Dispense™ line also includes gel and liquid hand sanitizer as well as dispenser batteries and mounting kits.
When looking at one gallon of sanitizer per month, the GP Reeves Defense Dispense™ systems’ average prices are far lower than the leading competitor. Sanitizer refills for the Defense Dispense™ line range from 32 ounces to 55 gallons, making them the perfect solution for a wide range of consumption.
GP Reeves also engaged OMT-Veyhl and Kimbow to help manufacture components for the Defense Dispense™ product line.
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