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Metal Building Manufacturers Association announces availability of free educational resources

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) recently improved their website to provide a variety of free materials to educate and inform regarding metal building systems and their use for a variety of building types.

“These materials are useful for building owners, developers, architects and engineers, builders, suppliers, contractors, building officials, and all types of professionals who work in the built environment,” says Chuck Haslebacher, MBMA Chairman.

Items now available for free download include the following:

AIA ARCHITECTURAL RECORD REPRINT: This eight-page reprint titled, "An Integrated Design Approach Offers Flexibility, Economy, Durability" provides an in-depth evaluation of metal building systems.

NEW CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IS PARADISE BY THE BAY: The owners of Bay Industries, Inc. wanted to combine all manufacturing, warehousing, and office functions under one roof. Find out how they became headquartered in "the most attractive building in Green Bay."

STEEL ROLLING MILL RISES FROM FORMER SWAMP HIGH PROFILE CASE STUDY: When a manufacturer of building materials sets out to construct a new factory, it just makes sense that the company would use its own products. Find out how Broken Hill Proprietary built a $280 million steel-rolling mill.

TRUCKING COMPANY HIGH PROFILE CASE STUDY: If you were a landlord, how would you react when a good tenant of 13 years vacated five buildings? This case study about Landstar/Inway describes how a metal building system solved this problem.

CONDENSATION FACT SHEET: This four-page publication offers solutions to condensation in metal building systems. It contains factual information about the proper ventilation of buildings as well as systems that can be used to prevent condensation from forming.

FIRE RESISTENCE SERIES OF BULLETINS: In certain circumstances building codes require construction to be fire rated. MBMA has conducted fire tests at Underwriter’s Laboratory, Omega Point Laboratories and Factory Mutual to answer the need for these fires rated metal building assemblies.

INSURANCE FACT BOOK and SERIES OF 14 BULLETINS: MBMA regularly issues Insurance Bulletins, which are relevant to its member companies, contractors, and insurance underwriters. They provide a comprehensive description on the different types of insurance companies, rating systems and occupancy.

GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS: METAL BUILDING SYSTEMS: This is a performance-based guide specification, used in the development of an office master specification or in the preparation of specifications for a specific project.

GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS: METAL ROOFING SYSTEMS: This performance-based guide specification is for projects where a structural standing seam roof system is separate from the building’s structural systems

The solution series
The Solutions Series is a set of four brochures which each describes the advantages of metal building systems applications: 1) industrial, 2) commercial, 3) institutional, and 4) standing seam metal roofing systems.

COOL METAL ROOFING: This publication describes how a cool metal roof can bring cost efficiencies and environmental benefits in addition to the durability and long-life associated with metal roofing systems.

GALVALUME: THE MAGIC FORUMLA FOR ROOFS: This brochure is published by the ZAC Association and shows how Galvalume can provide for long-lasting roofs in all types of weather and climate conditions.