HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Civil engineers have spent too long in the shadows.

Joe Buley encourages engineering aficionados to celebrate their passion in his book, "In the Shadows: The Memoir of a Professional Civil Engineer." The memoir recounts Buley’s successful, 50-year career as a licensed civil engineer.

Buley addresses many topics, such as:

  • Milestones in civil engineering
  • Inspiring students to pursue science, technology, engineering or mathematical (STEM) careers
  • The importance of civil engineers in the modern, fast-moving world
  • The impact of the de-unionization of construction work on the engineering field

The memoir follows Buley from the start of his career in the Air Force through his sabbatical in China under the sponsorship of the American Society of Civil Engineers. In the book, he emphasizes character, capability and capacity and how these traits help young engineers build successful careers.

“Unfortunately, the only time engineers are in the light are when bridges break, dams fail, sewage leaks, or something goes wrong,” Buley says. “I hope the next generation understands that civil engineers are essential to the modern world.
“Engineers build and maintain the infrastructure that provides society with necessities that make millions of lives safe and efficient.”

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