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Medaro Mining Identifies More Lithium Exploration Targets From Soil Sampling at the Superb Lake Lithium Property in NW Ontario

Medaro Mining Identifies More Lithium Exploration Targets From Soil Sampling at the Superb Lake Lithium Property in NW Ontario

VANCOUVER, British Columbia– Medaro Mining Corp. (CSE:MEDA)(OTCBB:MEDAF)(FRANKFURT:1ZY) (“Medaro” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received results of soil sampling from Phase 2 exploration fieldwork program (the “Program”) on its Superb Lake Lithium Property (the “Property”) located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The soil geochemical survey was conducted along three separate lines (Line 1-3 on the maps below) and a total of 161 soil samples were collected in June 2022.

Results Highlights (See maps below for details)

  • The Line 1 is oriented in a north-south direction with approximate length of 1500 meters. There are six lithium anomalies (magenta circles on maps) out of which two anomalies are single point, three are 2-3 point, while the third which is a wider anomaly is located in the lower half of the line.
  • The Line 2 is oriented in an east-west direction and is approximately 2,500 m long. There are three single point anomalies on this line.
  • The Line 3 is the longest one oriented in northeast-southwest direction with approximate length of 4,000 meters. There is only one single point anomaly located on this line.
  • There are several second priority anomalies which will also be explored further if the follow up work on the first priority anomalies is successful.
  • The results show that the north-south orientation of the soil survey is the best representation of the Property geology and structures with a dominant east-west direction. This observation also coincides with the Phase 1 soil sampling results which indicated a trend of lithium anomalies along Superb Lake pegmatites in a roughly northwest-southeast direction (see press release March 28, 2022).
  • These anomalies show a potential for discovery of more pegmatites on the Property through stripping, trenching and shallow test holes.

Sampling Procedure

Soil sampling was carried out by establishing soil grids along three separate lines and collecting a total of 161 soil samples. The samples were taken every 50 metres or more depending upon the surface conditions. Soil samples were collected at predetermined station IDs using a Garmin GPS to obtain ~ 3-meter accuracy where >500 grams of material were selected when a B-soil horizon was present, using a soil auger. The soil samples were dried at room temperature prior to shipping to the labs for analysis.

Trenching and Shallow Drilling Update

The Company has started a program of trenching and shallow drilling with Winkie Drill. The field crew is currently working on the access trails to the Superb Lake pegmatite and the Phase 1 soil anomalies locations. The Trenching and shallow drilling will commence as soon as the trails are completed.

Sample location and lithium assay maps

MEDA NR Oct 11 - Image 1:2

MEDA NR Oct 11 Image 2:2

Sample Preparation and Analysis

The soil samples were prepared and analyzed at ACTLABS Ancaster, Ontario using laboratories code 7- Mobile Ion Geochemistry which is summarized below. ACTLABS is an independent commercial, accredited ISO 17025 Certified Laboratory.

Mobile Ion Geochemistry – isolates the chemically active metal ions which were loosely adsorbed to soil particles. This is a weak leach that uses a solution of organic and inorganic compounds to extract target elements. The solutions are analyzed on an ICP-MS. One matrix blank is analyzed per 49 samples. Two controls are run at the beginning and end of the group of 49 samples. Duplicate samples are leached and run every 10 samples. Code 7 Mobile Ion Geochemistry (MIG) Elements and Detection Limits are in parts per billion (ppb).