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Measurand and Ackcio collaboration integrates monitoring and wireless data connectivity technology

Measurand and Ackcio collaboration integrates monitoring and wireless data connectivity technology

Measurand is proud to announce a new partnership with Singapore-based Ackcio that will provide out-of-the-box compatibility between Measurand’s ShapeArray sensors and Ackcio’s Beam suite of wireless data transmission products. This collaboration offers an integrated data automation solution, from collection to transmission to processing and display, for your geotechnical monitoring needs that puts real-time data at your fingertips when you need it, where you need it.

With this integration between ShapeArray sensors and Ackcio wireless technology, clients who use Ackcio and Measurand products for their independent strengths can benefit from a single unified system capable of producing and transmitting the geotechnical data that they depend on.

The collaboration between Ackcio and Measurand is the next logical step in pursuit of our shared objective to provide cutting-edge technology to the geotechnical industry to automate and modernize their monitoring projects.

“We are excited to have a robust yet user-friendly solution to offer our clients who wish to perform wireless data collection, especially those clients looking to eliminate long runs of cable. The ability to work with both new and older ShapeArrays offers great flexibility to our clients,” Chris Gairns, Measurand’s Director of Sales said. “Working with the team at Ackcio has been a pleasure over the past year, and the integration of ShapeArray with the Ackcio Beam system is an important development for Measurand.”

“Over the past few years, we have been lucky enough to amass a large number of clients that have diverse deployments in the geotechnical sector. A commonality that we observed in their deployments was that they were using our Ackcio Beam technology to monitor their geotechnical sensors while the Measurand ShapeArray sensors were monitored using a different system. Many of our clients requested us to integrate with ShapeArray sensors, so that they could use just one data acquisition system to monitor all sensors that are deployed in their site. I am happy that finally the day is here where we can meet our clients’ requirements with a beautiful integration of our Ackcio Beam system with the Measurand ShapeArray sensors,” Nimantha Baranasuriya, CEO of Ackcio, said.

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About Measurand
Measurand designs and manufactures ShapeArray, which is used to monitor deformation of soil and structures like dams, tunnels, walls, and buildings. ShapeArray is an automated shape-measuring, inclinometer-style instrument on a reel, which has set a new standard for ease of installation. ShapeArray data are available in real-time, enabling engineers and designers to reduce risk and save money by making smarter, faster decisions.
About Ackcio
Ackcio produces reliable wireless monitoring solutions for industrial monitoring applications. Their Ackcio Beam wireless monitoring product suite boasts an industry-leading long-range wireless mesh connectivity solution that makes it ideal for monitoring various geotechnical and structural sensors in both aboveground and underground construction and mining projects.