Fort Washington, Pa. — McMahon Associates, Inc., a transportation engineering and planning firm, announced creation of the Joseph and Peggy McMahon Transportation Engineering Scholarship Fund in tribute to the firm’s founder, Joseph McMahon, and his wife, and longest-tenured key partner, Peggy McMahon. The couple established McMahon in 1976 with a “Pay It Forward” dedication at its core, and this scholarship fund preserves their legacy and promotes that commitment into the future to support new engineering generations.

The fund, established through the Berks County Community Foundation, will provide scholarships to students who are advancing to their junior or senior years of college. and who have declared, and have been accepted into, the major of civil engineering with a focus on transportation engineering. The first awarding for the scholarship is targeted for Spring 2019 and will be open to students in the university engineering programs specified in the scholarship, as well as other accredited programs.

For more information, interested and qualified students should go to

“This is a celebration of the caliber of firm that Joe and Peggy established more than four decades ago,” said Joseph DeSantis, P.E., PTOE, President and CEO of McMahon. “Encouraging and enabling the development of high quality engineers has always been a priority of the firm from the time it was conceptualized in Joe and Peggy’s home. This new scholarship fund ensures that their legacy and dedication continue into the future.”

“Everyone who has worked at McMahon has felt the benefit of Joe and Mrs. M’s contributions to the firm,” said Casey A. Moore, P.E., Executive Vice President & Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager at McMahon. “They created a work hard – play hard culture that respects dedication to family and work-life balance that allows for flexibility and outstanding contributions to our engineering firm’s success from a team of loyal employees. I have been with McMahon for 27 years, starting as a summer college intern, and it’s incredibly exciting to play a key role in helping to establish this scholarship fund that celebrates Joe and Peggy and gives aspiring transportation engineers, like I was, the opportunity to get some financial assistance toward their engineering education to support that dream.”

“Peggy and I were, frankly, speechless when the Board announced this amazing recognition at our recent shareholders meeting,” said Joseph McMahon, P.E., Founder of McMahon. “Establishing the firm, and the values that it stands for, has been the ultimate reward for the 42 years we have dedicated to it. We have a world-class organization with an incredible team of employees whose talent in transportation engineering and planning is only matched by their dedication to helping the communities that we serve through our `McMahon Gives Back’ program. Peggy and I could not be more proud of the firm and the family (our dedicated employees) that we have had the privilege to know and see grow professionally and personally through the years. We look forward to continuing this spirit with this scholarship fund to support future engineers, and to seeing McMahon’s continued growth in the future.”