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McLaren Engineering Group celebrates 40 years of applied ingenuity

McLaren Engineering Group celebrates 40 years of applied ingenuity

CEO and president of McLaren Engineering Group, Malcolm G. McLaren (left), was presented with a proclamation from AIA NY executive directer Benjamin Prosky. Photo: McLaren Engineering Group

West Nyack, N.Y. — McLaren Engineering Group, a full-service engineering firm serving 10 markets, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month at its headquarters in West Nyack, NY. Since it was founded by Malcolm G. McLaren in 1977, the firm has completed over 14,000 projects and grown to include 200 employees in 10 offices.  Licensed in 48 states, the firm has designed and engineered some of the country’s most important bridges, structures and entertainment venues.

“I started McLaren Engineering Group in my basement when I was 25 years old, performing underwater inspections on bridges and offering structural engineering services for buildings,” said Malcolm G. McLaren, P.E., president and CEO of McLaren Engineering Group. “Our innovative engineering designs and out-of-the-box thinking have pioneered trends and created unique solutions in the industry. All McLaren employees should be proud of their extraordinary work.”

Inspired by Jacques Cousteau, Malcolm G. McLaren pioneered the engineer-as-diver profession in the 1970’s, giving the firm an edge over its competition. Since then, McLaren’s firm has worked to improve over 300 miles of New York’s coastline, taking what was once deteriorating waterfront and transforming it into vibrant transportation hubs and destinations for businesses, tourists and residents.

“The versatility of our firm — and our engineers’ ability to create custom solutions for projects of all sizes — is what has kept us on top for four decades now,” continued McLaren.

McLaren has been widely recognized for extraordinary entertainment engineering work, which includes several Super Bowl halftime show extravaganzas, Broadway spectacles including the “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” flying car and the dynamic Lion King Pride Rock, the Toys–R-Us T-Rex display in Times Square, and engineering sets for acts including Beyonce, the Rolling Stones, Black Eyed Peas, Tina Turner, U2, Pink Floyd and Bon Jovi.

“It’s been an honor to design projects all over the world for McLaren,” said William Gorlin, P.E., vice president and entertainment division chief, McLaren Engineering Group. “One of our standout moments was our engineering of the Dancing Cranes of Sentosa in Singapore where we took two 80-foot-tall, 150,000-pound structures and found a way to make them perform animated, graceful movements to honor the country’s heritage.”

Other standout projects for McLaren include the firm’s work on the cable net wall of One World Trade Center, rehabilitation of the docks at Brooklyn Navy Yard, a creation of a recreational pier in Weehawken, NJ, underwater inspections of historic Ellis Island, and a feasibility study on a gondola to give commuters an easy, revolutionary transit option in Albany, NY.

Over time, the firm has expanded to serve 10 key markets including Arts, Recreation and Entertainment; Education; Energy; Government; Healthcare; Industrial; Ports, Coastal and Waterfront; Public Infrastructure; Real Estate Development; and Transportation.

“We’re proud of the impressive engineering resume McLaren has built — but an even greater accomplishment is what we’ve given back to the community,” said Steve Grogg, senior vice president and division manager, McLaren Engineering Group. “One of our proudest moments was in 2012, when, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, McLaren sprung to action conducting emergency structural inspections on the homes of displaced families, examining bridge foundations and designing repairs to piers. Overall we inspected more than 20,000 structures.”

Employees are marking the firm’s 40th anniversary with events that include a photo contest of its projects, the display of a visual timeline of McLaren’s milestone moments, and a give-back program with local nonprofits. Yesterday, the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects presented a proclamation to Malcolm McLaren, honoring the firm’s creativity, skill and dedication over the last four decades.

“It’s inspiring to walk into an office every day that is so rich in culture and history. I’m honored to be celebrating this anniversary and predict the next 40 years will be as exciting as the last,” says Laura Goodman, P.E., staff engineer for McLaren Engineering Group’s entertainment division.