RALEIGH, N.C. — McKim & Creed Inc., in partnership with AXvantage Inc., launched McKim & Creed Green, a firm focused on the design, construction and maintenance of renewable energy generation systems and microgrids. Headquartered in Denver, McKim & Creed Green designs, procures, builds and maintains facilities that generate renewable energy and produce and deliver electric power. The company focuses on sustainability with an emphasis on microgrids.

“Microgrids have a unique ability to become ‘power islands’ when you combine renewable energy generation and combined heat and power technology with advanced control systems. McKim & Creed Green’s clients are energy providers whose goal is to create innovative, sustainable and cost-effective energy-generation systems; reduce some types of air pollution; and decrease or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions,” said Michael W. Creed, Ph.D., P.E., chairman and CEO of McKim & Creed, Inc.

McKim & Creed Green is partnering with McKim & Creed Inc., Green Energy Corp, Horizon Energy Group and AXvantage Inc. to provide microgrid and renewable energy services. Raleigh, N.C.-based McKim & Creed Inc., the majority shareholder in McKim & Creed Green and a 400+ person engineering, geomatics and planning firm with offices throughout the U.S., will provide engineering support. Green Energy Corp, with offices in Denver and Raleigh, will supply programming and software solutions. Horizon Energy Group, located in Tennessee, Illinois and California, will furnish solution architecture, high-level integration and testing services. Denver-based AXvantage Inc. will be responsible for construction services.

The president of McKim & Creed Green is Brian Dodd, a veteran of the construction industry who specializes in green building practices and large-scale construction projects. Prior to joining McKim & Creed Green, Dodd worked with the fourth largest green contractor in the U.S., as ranked by Engineering News Record. "Due to the fact that power can be supplied more sustainably, more efficiently, more reliably, and more economically, microgrids have become the wave of the future, and the future is now. Our team is at the forefront of the industry," said Dodd.

“McKim & Creed Inc. has long had an interest in renewable energy and sustainability,” said Herbert P. McKim, Jr., P.E., PLS, president and chief operating officer of McKim & Creed Inc. and chairman of the board of McKim & Creed Green. “By pooling our resources with such outstanding industry leaders as Green Energy Corp, Horizon Energy and AXVantage, we are able to offer complete turnkey services to energy providers who are interested in renewable energy generation and microgrids.”

McKim & Creed Green is currently pursuing renewable energy projects in North Carolina and California.